Having good home curb appeal is like meeting your soul mate, or having that dream car sitting in your driveway.  Great curb appeal does wonders to the psyche.  Property owners that take pride in the ascetics of their property provides a sense of love of property and community.  Whether you are looking for ways to accent your property, or placing your property in the market for sale,  developing an awesome curb appeal  will add value.  Below are some basic things that a property owner can do establish a memorable curb appeal.

Lawn Upkeep
Having no upkeep on the your lawn destroys the excitement of your property.   Keeping your lawn landscaped and mowed  provides a positive reflection.  Whether there is someone who walks pass your property or drives, you are being judged by the maintenance of your lawn. If you have missing grass, consider rolling out sod to fill in the needed areas.   Because your  lawns is a huge part of the property, it is important to know the impact it brings to  value of your property.

Lose the junk
Eliminate anything that is an eyesore, including old vehicles, lawn furniture, swing sets, empty planters, unruly garden hoses, dead bushes– you understand. If it isn’t attractive or necessary to your lifestyle, give it away, sell it, recycle it, or just have it hauled from your property.  In addition, find  a secret hiding place for the garbage and recycling cans. The idea here is to let go the clutter. Anything that does not bring a feeling of welcome to your home- should be discarded.

Grounds Maintenance
Power wash pathways and driveways to clean and brighten them. First impressions happen as people approach your house. With this in mind, get the walkway, steps, porch and front door in top shape. Pull weeds from the walkway and repair any cracks. Consider edging concrete walkway with bricks or stones.

Showcase  Lights
Lighting is important. Outdoor lighting makes a house beautiful at night and adds safety and security.  The pathway to your front door is  your welcoming invitation. Lighting will add a warm feeling, in addition to providing an assurance of presence for any unwelcome intruder.  During the evening hours when it is dark out, you can use lights as a way to reflect your home style, and provide an artistry that can’t be seen during the day.

Accentuate Your Front Door
You will be amazed at the feeling a front door provides. A tall wide front door allows your home to feel warm and welcoming. Your front provides the first impression to all of your visitors. Because every visitor sees your front door, present an appeal that will astonish everyone. Wash or, if necessary, refinish or paint it. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider replacing it with a new one.  The door’s hardware makes a difference, too. Remove tarnished hardware and polish it with metal polish. If it’s in shoddy shape, replace it entirely. A shiny new metal kick plate at the door’s base can add a touch of elegance and hide scuffs and animal scratches. While you’re dealing with the front door, don’t forget to welcome guests with a friendly doormat.

Prune bushes and trees
Prune flowers and shrubs in order to get them under control. Trees and bushes can bring a sense of fullness, maturity and majesty to a property. But these wonderful additions to a landscape can become rangy and overgrown, interfering a property’s beauty. They can overshadow gardens that need sun and block views that you really want to accent. If your trees and bushes are out of control, prune them or have them professionally trimmed.

Plant flowers and shrubs
Plant shrubs for year-round garden greenery, and add seasonal flowers for accent color.
A house’s foundation is just one of its least attractive elements. If your home’s foundation is visible, camouflage it with flowering hydrangeas, azaleas, rhododendrons, knockout roses or large-leafed, flowering plants that have a generous, leafy spread. The best choices for this purpose grow 3 to 4 feet in height and offer a touch of color. Plant them at lease 2 feet from the house. Ask your nursery person for recommendations that will thrive in your region. If you don’t have room for gardens, consider filling pots and containers with colorful flowers. A container garden can add beauty to the entire front area of the house.

Add interesting details lighted outdoor fountain water feature Lighted outdoor fountain offers visual interest and a welcoming sound. You can add a touch of elegance with shiny new house numbers, a stylish front porch light and a brilliant doorknocker. In the garden, consider a water feature, birdbath or garden sculpture.

Wash the house
Discard dirt and cobwebs, working from the top down. Then use a garden hose or pressure washer to wash the walls. If you don’t have a pressure washer, scrub dirty walls with a long-handled soft-bristle brush and a soapy solution of non-phosphate detergent and water, and afterwards rinse from the top down.

A pressure washer makes washing dirty or mildewed siding an easier job, but  know how to use it if you decide to power wash. If you don’t hire s trained professional to do the task for you.  If used improperly a  the strong spray can peel paint or erode siding.  Don’t spray electrical wires, light fixtures, outlets or windows, and be careful not to drive water up under the siding.

Don’t forget the garage door
Your  garage doors are a beautiful complement to your home. The garage door is  usually one of the most noticeable areas of the house.Therefore, it  can be a visual asset or liability, depending upon its condition.  A new garage door can really add a sense of style to a home, and there are many handsome new options, from modern translucent doors to traditional carriage-house beauties.